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Related post: Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 09:51:30 cp illegal daddy GMT From: patcrosskskc.net Subject: Pat and John (Revised) Hi, guys. I sought the the advice of a very respected web author, Dabeagle, and he suggested that I make some changes from the first time. cp links sex After some thought, nokia cp 342 cp portal porn changes aren't that bad, so cp best porn I'll make them and continue the russian kiddy cp story on from cp kdz gallery there. As always, comments are welcome at japanese free cp pics patcrosskskc.net, and if illegal cp kiddy portal you're underage or don't like this type of stuff, LEAVE! Pat and John John Stevens, at 14, was a cp baby rompl stellar athlete, having played most sports since his was a little boy. Baseball, football, free video cp kdz you name it, he celebs fight cpsia played almost all sports and loved doing so. In addition, he was an A+ student, who was admired by almost everyone at his school. His best friend, though, was 14 year Pat Christianson. Pat, in contrast, was a sad and lonely boy. His parents had died a year previously, and although he lived with the Stevens family, he still lilita boy cp cp porn gallery felt the horrible pains from that loss. But, he really top illegal cp perked boy cp pic up, though, when his lifelong friend, John, was around. A "Mutt and Jeff" team if there ever was one, they were opposites in every way. John, for example, kids cp porn movies towered over his friend at 5' illegal cp porn 10" and 165#. sun cp porn He also had nonude cp kids child blond hair and shining best cp tgp blue eyes. Pat was a smaller 4'7" and 120#, and was more bleach film look fcp serious. He also was physically disabled, from birth, by cerebral palsy. Despite their minor differences, however, they were the cp movies porn best of friends, and unknown cp hentai porn to John, Pat was innocent cuties cp in secretly cp incest download in love with his old friend, and had been for several years. Pat loved John with all his alfasex cp heart, and the two were always real porno cp together, before and after school, doing everything together. Whenever John was playing for their school, he could hear Pat, screaming his lungs out, supporting the team, and John, children picpost illegal all the way. Things had lola cp portal been getting better for Pat and John that year. Their cp kids potno time together was a real blessing for Pat, as he slowly healed inside, and as he healed, he cp 3d toons unknowingly grew stronger for what faced John later that year. vombat illegal cp John was just starting football practice, and he loved it. He trained so hard, he earned the quarterback slot almost immediately. His Coach, Mr. Sloane, was very impressed. "If you work that hard cp incest pictures all season, we'll make the play-offs for sure!", he said, with a smile. Needless to say, John's parents and Pat were very happy for him, and promised to be at every game. As the season best cp pics sex progressed, John's team did well. So well, in fact, that russia porn cp they made it to the Regional Playoffs, but hardcore child cp porn were facing a school they had played once before. illegal sites cp As the team sat in the lockerroom before the game, Coach Sloane gave them some advice. "Look, fellows. All they have is bulk, and that's how they beat us the one time. You have the brains to forbiden cp sites out-think 'em. cp lovers club Let's go out and win THIS thing!" And with a mighty roar, they went on to the field, ready to play. This dark castle cp particular opponent was cp fuck child very tough, and the game cp real galleries see-sawed asian child cp back and forth free cp sites porn half a dozen cp 13 yo times. Running out of time, Coach Sloane pulled John aside with some extra instructions. "John, when the ball video cp girl is snapped, I want you to head to your right. Get behind your offensive linemen cp ped and RUN! If you have nowhere to run, HIT THE DIRT, GOT IT?" "Yessir", John answered, cpt coding female genital and went illegal incest cp pics on to the field. He got bondage picpost in position, mentally prepared himself cp pree pic for what was coming and screamed "51-43-23 HIKE!" The ball was snapped, as he pivoted to his lollita cp right, looking for his way out. The cp hardcore kiddy porn line moved forward, and John with them. As he moved, he saw an opening for a pass into the end zone, so he threw the ball. As he threw the ball, he saw a defensive lineman coming right at him. This lineman had the nickname of "Bonecrusher", because when he hit you, you tiny cp sex pics felt it. He hit John on the cp webcam real world run, knocking John to the ground. cp nudism John was knocked unconscious, then flipped over on his stomach. With an evil gleam cp nudist in his eye, cp panty pics "Bonecrusher" jumped on John's back twice, snapping a different section of John's cp sex children spine with each nn pre cp diaper jump. Even "Bonecrusher's" teammates were shocked by what they saw, and as they withdrew from the field, they made sure that russian elite porn cp their former teammate porn nude cp girls would cp tiny pretten be turned over to cuties stockings cps the police. Silent bleachers full free cp boys of football fans watched as an ambulance left the field and stunned players, bb cp rompl russian cp lollita some weeping openly, headed for the lockerrooms. John's parents headed to their car, but were philips dcp855 so upset, Pat drove them to the hospital. Once they got there, they asked about cp cunts John, and a kindly looking doctor met them. Despite his kds cp porn fears, fresh cp lol Pat smiled, as the doctor was an old friend. The doctor asked them into his office, and offered them something to drink. cp kdz 12yo "Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, from our X-rays, there is no doubt in my mind that John's spine will heal. At his age, bones mend quickly, but it's the damage underneath that I'm most loilita cp concerned with". Mr. Stevens turned ghostly white, so Pat squared his shoulders, cleared his throat, and asked the question for the family, "Are you referring to rcp porn permanent nerve damage, Doctor? Will John walk again?" As he asked the question, tears xxx cp rompl were streaming down his face. "Pat, I won't home made cp porn illegal cp jpg lie to you, or the Stevens, because it's just too early too tell. As cp nude pictures I recall, you were one of my earlier patients, weren't you?" Pat's face brightened at the memories cp kidy of the therapy sessions with banned xxx cp the doctor. "Yessir, I was", child tgp cp Pat said, blushing. "Well, you worked hard and didn't turn out too bad, did you?" Pat shook shook his head. "John's going to need a lot of support, and cp links mostly from you, Pat. It's not likely he'll play contact sports again, because of the risk of further injury. If he really wants to compete again, encourage hard core cp ped something less painful, like swimming. Remember, Mr. cp kds and Mrs. Stevens, be firm. Always! Once an exercise schedule is set up, make sure he sticks to it, no excuses, because if lies cp portal kiddie around, he'll cp top tgp never improve, understood?" "Yes, Doctor". "Good, because cp trailer portal vids cp I think there's cp kinder a young man in cp fucking of company right now." pussy porno cp The doctor led them to John's room. "Hello, Son", Mr. Stevens said, as his tears of russian forbidden cp video relief finally overflowed. "I guess I didn't nude cp pictures see that one coming", John said, with a small laugh. His mother looked at him with a lotita cp look that only a mother free cp porn thumbs could have, and said, "No, Johnny, he got you, but your team won the game. Pat's here, too. We were so upset, he had to drive us over here." John looked at his family, smiled, and said, "If HE drove you here, I'm surprised I still HAVE a family!" John cp 12 y.o. winked at them, and they all burst out laughing. gay cp free loita cp porn dolls cp lo kids An IMPROVED Chapter 2 COMING SOON
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